MTBA is a service-focused team of dedicated professionals consulting in the architecture, planning and conservation fields since 1988. The key to MTBA’s success is working responsively and creatively with the client’s needs and with a project’s holistic context. We bring this thorough approach to a diverse body of work in building projects, evaluation and analysis, and on behalf of a wide range of public, non-profit and private sector clients.

In an increasingly complex world of advancing regulations, stakeholder input, cross-discipline thinking and specialized knowledge, MTBA is a broadly-capable and deeply experienced resource who can lead the team and/or be a significant contributor with valuable skill sets.

MTBA’s “hands-on” size and long-term experience in these fields makes it especially effective in the delivery of services for small to medium size building commissions, and studies, planning and reports for projects of all sizes. MTBA also collaborates with others to bring specialized skills to large-scale building and development projects.

MTBA’s prime work in sustainability, heritage conservation, and interventions to existing buildings & districts is complemented by the Firm’s value-added expertise in such areas as stakeholder consultation and gaining community consensus, assembling and leading effective multi-disciplinary teams, public communications and strategies, risk management and urban design.

CONTEXT SENSITIVE DESIGN (CSD) within an existing building, site or landscape is a core competency of MTBA. The wide range of our work in this field, including sustainable rehabilitation, adaptive reuse, preservation, urban infill, mixed-use, asset management, cultural landscape evaluation, infrastructure renewal and more, helps MTBA maintain rich global perspectives.

PLACES OF SIGNIFICANCE are areas particularly attuned to MTBA’s expertise, with our experience in design for community values and understanding cultural landscapes. MTBA works at the nexus of natural and cultural conservation and specializes in the unique opportunity and challenge that occurs where new meets old.

SUSTAINABLE REHABILITATION MTBA are established leaders in the emerging field of sustainable rehabilitation, focusing on both the environmental and cultural benefits of retaining, upgrading and adaptively reusing existing buildings with or without heritage value.   Within the MTBA office, sustainable rehabilitation is fully integrated into our project approach for existing buildings to reduce complication while providing intelligent, project-relevant and sustainable solutions that often outperform conventional solutions.  When contributing to larger design and construction teams we work to accommodate the diverse range of project objectives, while being mindful of the value present within an existing building, to achieve a more balanced level of environmental and cultural sustainability, and reduce roadblocks to higher levels of sustainability.

To promote the growth of the sustainable rehabilitation field on a national and international level MTBA is involved in various international organizations including Association of Preservation Technology International – Technical Committee on Sustainable Preservation where Mark Thompson Brandt serves as Co-Chair.  On a national level, MTBA are the principal authors of the national standard, Building Resilience: Practical Guidelines to Sustainable Rehabilitation of Buildings in Canada for the Federal Provincial Territorial Heritage Places Collaboration (FPTHPC), published in 2016.

MARK THOMPSON BRANDT, MTBA Principal, is a registered professional Senior Conservation Architect and Urbanist with over 30 years experience in these fields. Mark’s post-graduate certified education includes Architectural Restoration & Conservation (Dalhousie, 1997), LEED© Leadership in Engineering and Environmental Design (CaGBC, 2008) and Cultural Landscapes (Willowbank, 2012). Mark was awarded the Ontario Conservation Achievement Award and is a former Director of the Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals and the Canada Green Building Council. Brandt co-chairs the Association for Preservation Technology International’s Technical Committee on Sustainable Preservation.

CHRIS WARDEN, MTBA Senior Associate, specializing in building conservation with over 11 years experience. Chris’s post-graduate certified education includes Masonry Conservation (Willowbank, 2013) and LEED© Leadership in Engineering and Environmental Design (CaGBC, 2008). Chris is chair of DoCoMoMo Ontario.