Mark Brandt has authored over 40 articles, essays and media reports in the Architecture, Urbanism and Conservation fields since 1980. His expertise has also been sought by MTBA clients to write media releases and in-depth analyses relating to projects or reports they have been commissioned for. In addition, MTBA’s work has been featured in numerous reviews and Brandt has co-authored a book, linked here along with a couple of sample articles, in the Scientific and Cultural Conservation Journal, ICOMOS Canada ‘Momentum’.

Main Hall looking north with the Spark Street stair at the bottom right (Doublespace)

Buildings and stories: mindset, climate change and mid-century modern

Adaptive reuse, Wynchwood Barns, Toronto, DTAH (image source: Province of Ontario)

A key link between conservation of our built environment, sustainability and climate change

The Capital’s Chaudière Heritage District: Past and Future of a National Treasure

Greening Existing Buildings Forum: A Hit in the Capital

National Treasure: The Chaudière District in Canada’s Capital

Detail of Roof Architectural Features Above Main Entry

How To Adaptively Reuse a Community Asset

Ottawa’s Industrial Heritage

Conservation & Development of Canada’s Industrial Heritage

The Victoria/Chaudiere Islands in Canada’s Capital