The Victoria/Chaudiere Islands in Canada’s Capital

Mark Brandt ICOMOS Canada Momentum | 1998

Tbe Role of Community Initiatives in the Preservation of Industrial Cultural Landscapes

E.B. Eddy Building 2b


The national and international  value of our industrial heritage is  poorly understood in Canada.  Some recognition of value usually  occurs after industrial heritage resources have been seriously threatened or demolished. The risk is that  by the time the general public understands and embraces this value,  there will be precious little industrial heritage left. The economic,  but also political, involvement of  all levels of government in cultural  preservation has changed radically (primarily diminished) in the recent past. and may continue to do so in  the near future.

The expansion of public comprehension and associated resulting action,  by way of community initiatives,  will therefore be required in the  coming years to conserve the remaining industrial heritage landscape. Community initiatives,  combined with private sector investment and public/private partnerships of specific, purpose-designed  projects, will be the principle engines of renewal and preservation throughout the next decade.  This article discusses the contemporary evolution of a significant Canadian industrial landscape, recent  redevelopment plans, and issues relating to the preservation of the  heritage character of the site.


Industrial heritage sites are extremely rare in the National Capital  Region, partially due to planning…