Compact urban form providing more efficient heating and increased density, Halifax (image source: Shelley Bruce)

Profiles Directory Published for 2016 Featuring an Article by Mark Brandt


Profiles, the member and practice directory for the Ontario Association of Architects, is also the vehicle for Ontario architects to introduce issues that are currently affecting the industry and to provide important and helpful information to their clients and potential clients.

The theme for the 2016 edition of Profiles is “Architecture Matters” – There is an increase in the public’s awareness of design, its impact, and the environment—but is ‘The Value of Architects and Architecture’ resonating with the public? Participation in the dialogue about design, business and the positive impacts architects can make is integral to our value.

MTBA is pleased to publish an article in this year’s Profile Directory titled A Key Link Between Conservation of Our Built Environment, Sustainability and Climate Change. The article takes the reader briefly through the core values and practical applications of a National guidance document that is supported by the Ontario and Federal Governments. It emphasizes the nexus and holistic synthesis of both natural and cultural conservation. The publication, titled Building Resilience: Practical Guidelines for the Sustainable Rehabilitation of Buildings in Canada, shows how heritage conservation demonstrates best practises for sustainably rehabilitating all of our existing buildings. MTBA Associates Inc. were retained by the Federal, Provincial, Territorial Collaboration on Historic Places (FPTHPC) on behalf of all these jurisdictions to write this on-line document.

To view the article, click here.